Found a Home to Buy

Great question! And, a very common question. You found a home to buy and you wonder, should I offer the full list price, should I come in low or just what should I do?!

Today I’m going to tell you how to crack the code on knowing just how much money you’ll offer the Seller for the home they’re selling. We’ll be analyzing the local Real Estate market where the home resides, how close to perfection is the home you want to buy, what type of Buyer representation do you have and is time on your side, to name a few. Once you understand and recognize these circumstances you’ll be well equipped to be on your way to buying a home in Coral Springs or neighboring southeast Florida cities or anywhere in this great nation, for that matter! This will affect all first time home Buyers or the experienced home Buyer alike.

We can crack the code by answering the questions below. Our answers will reveal how much money you will offer to buy the home.

What is the home’s value?

This is the first thing you must know in order to know how much money to offer on the home you’re considering buying. To begin, what have nearby homes sold for in the last 3 months or perhaps even having to go out to 6 months ago? Such homes will determine the value of the home you want to buy. This is where you’ll value the hiring of a Buyer’s Real Estate Agent who will guide you with their expertise. A Buyer’s Agent represents you and not the Seller and they’re able to dig in to see the particulars of the homes that have sold in the recent past within close proximity to the home you’re considering buying. From these homes that have sold, how do they compare to the home you’re considering buying? You’ll compare their features, condition and location. From the comparable homes, your Agent will be able to determine a fair market value for the home you like. This is your starting point from which your offer will be considered. An ideal situation will be fulfilled when the Listing Agent for the home Seller knows how to price homes to sell and the value your Buyer’s Agent comes up with will be in line with the list price. Unfortunately, we aren’t always fortunate to stumble upon ideal home buying price circumstances and this will be another area where you will most certainly benefit from the use of a skilled Buyer’s Agent.

What does Seller’s Realtor reveal about the home?

Try to discover any desperation from Seller. If the Seller’s Agent is present at any of the home showings, your Realtor can cross examine to discover the reasons why the Seller is moving. His or her answer may reveal desperation. Desperation can mean savings to you. You really don’t want your Realtor to cross examine the Seller’s Agent, yet I wanted you to understand the value that can come from this when you hire an Agent to represent you who is talented at unearthing such valuable details.

A desperate Seller means that you could possibly consider an offer to them that is below what they’re asking or below fair market value. However, keep in mind that a Seller’s desperation is not the sole factor in determining an offering price as your very own desperation may also come into play as discussed below.

Selling a Home Fast

That something you’re getting ready for is getting a home sold. So how do you get ready?

I need to sell my home fastWanting to know how fast you can sell your home is definitely a question that I’m frequently asked from those wanting to sell a home. Here, in today’s Real Estate article, I’ll tell you just how to make it happen: How can I sell my home fast?!

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Perhaps the most misunderstood key element of any home sale is the importance of setting the right price when your home is initially listed for sale.
Select a price that is reflective of your home’s current condition and how it compares to nearby sold homes that are like your home and are considered a good match to your home. Note that I indicated “sold” homes and not “active” homes currently for sale. Know that a home actively for sale is not necessarily priced accurately, therefore one should not assume that its list price should be used as being reflective of its current fair market value. You do not know whether or not a home is priced accurately until it sells: until a Buyer determines what they will pay for said home. Homes currently active for sale, simply assist in knowing how your home, priced right, should be placed amongst the list of homes for sale in your area. Nothing is better than an overpriced home as your competition. So if you see your neighbor’s home price on the high side, you can celebrate as that just makes your home that much easier to sell if you follow all of the other recommended preparation steps.


The right REALTORⓇ representing you in your home sale can make or break your success at selling your home.
How to choose the Right RealtorThe “right” REALTOR, just how do you determine that?! Start by looking at those Agents that sell homes at top dollar and in the shortest amount of time: this is what skilled REALTORⓇ’s do routinely. They should be in the top percentages of REALTORⓇ’s in their local Real Estate office. Simply ask them what percentage that they produce at in their office.

So if you need a “skilled” REALTORⓇ, how do you find out whether or not the Agent is skilled? Simple. Again, ask them. Ask them what they do that sets them apart from other Real Estate Agents? Be leery of any dog and pony shows that have no meat on the bones. Research about them by searching over the internet to discover what they write about and what their prior customers have written about them. You could even call their prior customers to confirm what it is they’re telling you. It’s pretty easy to get a good feel about a REALTORⓇ simply by visiting their web site and the various social platforms that they frequent. Never before has it been easier for a home Seller to discover the skill set of a Real Estate Agent than in today’s digital age where you have access to information for free and quickly. If they’re the secret Agent that you can’t seem to discover anything about them, you’ll proceed cautiously in the direction of even thinking about hiring them to sell your home: the last thing you want is your home sale to be a secret!


When it’s time to sell your home, making sure it’s seen by well-qualified, interested home Buyers is crucial.
Posting a sign in the front yard and praying that it sells will get you nowhere, absolutely nowhere. In today’s fast paced digital market, your home must be exposed across a multitude of social media channels and online sites. Why should this be, you ask? Indisputably, it’s due to the fact that this is where home Buyers are shopping for homes. Well over 92% of home Buyers sit in front of a desktop computer, plop a tablet on their lap or hold a mobile phone in their hands and search to their hearts content searching for the place to start making memories and dreams come true: in a new home.

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Don’t you think it makes sense to be where the Buyers? Or how about answering this question – where would you go when you begin a home search? You’re either sitting behind that computer, tablet, or mobile phone on hand. Case closed. Now that we’ve determined that exposure is a must, you now know that you’ll want assurance that the REALTORⓇ you hire better be proficient at exposing your home to the world of home Buyers. It’s relatively easy for you to confirm this task of exposure is perfected by checking out them out online and whether or not they’re exposed. If they’re exposed it will be easy to determine your home will get the exposure it needs.

Here is where the list price you select for your home is critical also, as the right price ensures your home is exposed to Buyers who are looking for homes for sale within your price range. You don’t want to miss the “right” Buyers who are those well qualified to buy your home.


Pretty as a picture, a picture is worth a thousand words, or it has been said; one Monet is worth a 1000 Shakespeare’s.
These are expressions of what has been said when that first glance reveals intrigue in wanting to find out more of what’s before you. Favorable first impressions can be formed even if you don’t necessarily have an updated or remodeled home as it’s all in the presentation. Work with what you have and make it shine. Exposure cited above will be the avenue in which the home’s presentation is revealed to prospective home Buyers